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System of office tables NOVA U Slide

System of office tables NOVA U Slide
  • System of office tables NOVA U Slide
  • System of office tables NOVA U Slide
  • System of office tables NOVA U Slide
  • System of office tables NOVA U Slide
  • System of office tables NOVA U Slide
  • System of office tables NOVA U Slide
  • System of office tables NOVA U Slide
  • System of office tables NOVA U Slide
  • System of office tables NOVA U Slide
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Country of manufacture:Lithuania
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System of office tables NOVA U Slide

It is made in "Narbutas Furniture Company" (Lithuania)
NOVA U Slide – for exclusive comfort!

NOVA U Slide – exclusively functional system of office furniture with sliding table - tops for convenient connection of all IT of wires which will be necessary for you in a workplace.

Principle of work
When the table - top is put forward, the cable channel is open - when the table - top is pushed, the cable channel is closed. It will be required "to pull only one simple movement - to push".

open table - top the closed table - top

Easy installation
Parts of furniture of NOVA U Slide gather, using fastening "metal in metal" (only bolts) and so many time how many for you it is necessary can be safely rebuilt. All this is simple, but will save a set of troubles.

Tables of NOVA U Slide
Столы NOVA U Slide
Table - top
  • 25 mm, it is made of an eco - friendly shock - resistant melamine plate with an edge of ABS 2 mm thick. We offer the choice from 7 flowers of melamine (visit - Coverings) -
  • With or without cut for wires.
  • The table - top is removed on 140 mm is available to a lung to a cable channel.

Metal frame and legs
  • Are painted with use of technology of a powder dusting. We offer the choice from 3 flowers of a metal part (visit - Coverings) -
  • The strong design "metal in metal", is suitable for repeated assembly -
  • "U" – figurative legs -
  • The plastic legs ( + 10 mm) regulated on height -
  • The blocking mechanism for fixing of a table - top.

The ideal decision for planning of the connected workstations:
  • 2 – local benchi -
  • 4 – local bench.

Kabel channels
  • Settle down on all width of a table -
  • Are easily fixed without tools -
  • For single tables -
  • For benchy.

Системы перегородокSystems of partitions
Our standard partitions created for systems of tables of NOVA with special holders for sliding tables:
  • NOVA Fabric – the partitions fitted by a tapestry without frame -
  • NOVA of a partition fitted by a tapestry with a metal frame -
  • For single tables -
  • For benchy.

Business in the modern world is something prompt and ultramodern. These are vigorous and productive employees, successful projects, constant search of ways of increase in efficiency of business. The reasonable organization of office space, creation of a comfortable environment for employees is one of factors influencing increase in efficiency of employees in particular, and, positive dynamics of business in general.

Systems of office tables allow to create various configurations of office space for team and individual work.

Convenient tables for office of any configuration.
The studio of office furniture and design "Reasonable Space" represents systems of office tables NarbutasFurniture Company.

The line of office tables includes several versatile series NOVA A, NOVA O, NOVA U, NOVA H, NOVASlide, LIGHT, T - EASY, AIR, Optima capable to solve different problems of a complete set of rooms.
The submitted concepts are based on understanding of modern requirements of business, care about health of employees, high functionality, ergonomics and care of the environment. Will allow to plan space under your needs, to create comfort for employees and, as a result, will influence increase in efficiency and efficiency of processes.

When planning open office space for creation of the working atmosphere it is expedient to use acoustic decisions. The line of these products is presented by acoustic partitions, acoustic furniture and acoustic wall panels. Use of acoustic decisions will allow to create to the employees the personal space isolated from noise factors will allow to concentrate on the solution of urgent tasks. Acoustic decisions, besides function of a noise isolation, thanks to a form and a wide line of materials, will help to create a unique interior of your office. The system of tables of the standard or individual project can be bought in an office of the head, in Kiev? it is very demanded.

The best decisions for systems of office tables.

The acoustic component is present also at other product without which difficult qualitatively to plan office space.

Office mobile partitions at the opened offices, besides acoustic functions, solve a problem of reasonable zoning without violation of an essence of the opened office, allow to provide distribution of streams, to create communication. They supplement systems of office tables, and allow to create space under a specific objective.


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Country of manufacture:Lithuania
Information is up-to-date: 13.05.2021

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