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Office case of NOVA BASIC

Office case of NOVA BASIC
  • Office case of NOVA BASIC
  • Office case of NOVA BASIC
  • Office case of NOVA BASIC
  • Office case of NOVA BASIC
  • Office case of NOVA BASIC
  • Office case of NOVA BASIC
  • Office case of NOVA BASIC
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Country of manufacture:Lithuania

Office case of NOVA BASIC

NOVA BASIC – original and functional cases.
The cases different in height and width, but, the most important, one depth are ideally combined with furniture of the Nova series: jobs, an office for the head, and also furniture for a reception. Besides, by means of cases of NOVA it is easy to divide office space into individual working zones.
NOVA BASIC cases can be:
with the lock: without lock:

Office cases, archival systems – a necessary component of office space.
Any kind of commercial, public, research or educational work – the process meaning maintenance of operations by a certain document flow.
Means are respectively necessary for ensuring document flow, its systematization and safety of information.
Systems of office cases Narbutas will help to systematize correctly all working documentation, to store office supplies, catalogs, educational literature, reference books, magazines, clothes, etc.
Before buying cases for office and furniture for heads , it is necessary to define type, overall dimensions, a combination and purpose of this type of office furniture.
Existence of reasonably thought over places for storage and systematization of document flow will allow to increase efficiency of personnel due to reduction of time for searches of documents and respectively reduction of time for operation processing.
The Rozumny Prost_r and Narbutas Furniture Company studio offers a wide choice of quality functional office cases.
The range of office cases of Narbutas allows to solve a problem of a complete set according to specifics and requirements.
Thanks to functional decorative back walls, a wide line of standard sizes, a variety of textures, besides direct appointment, office cases of NARBUTAS perform function of zoning of space, the organization of certain zones and, in general, formation of the general concept of an interior of office.
Office to buy a case in Kiev
Cases of LIGHT provide the organization of personal space, recover office and satisfy to requirements of the modern companies.
Cases a JAZZ line of the unique cases decorated with black inserts. Cases are made in two different heights, but have the identical width and depth that will allow you to combine easily them for zoning of space on smaller parts.
Cases of NOVA and tables for meetings are functional – with their help you can easily create separate office zones which will have at the same time own character thanks to a possibility of finishing of back walls of cases colourful inserts from plexiglas.
UNI cases - universal, classical system of office cases which allows to choose from a wide range of products of model of different height, depth and width. You can choose the most suitable option for your office: open regiments, cases with sliding or oar doors which will create a lot of space both for storage of documents, and for office equipment.
UNI PLUS - cases with zhalyuziyny doors - the excellent decision for economy of office space and maximizing capacity. The case of a case can be at your choice with usual regiments, regiments with vertical dividers, and also with the fixed or sliding frame for suspension of files. All zhalyuziyny doors are made of strong plastic white or colors a metallic.
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Country of manufacture:Lithuania
Information is up-to-date: 16.05.2022

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